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You are looking for information about your ancestors in Saxony (Germany)?

I can actively support you with your family research and search for data and documents.

Why me?

I hold a Masters degree in history, I am a passionate researcher and genealogist.

My own ancestors spent most of their lives in the Dresden surrounding area. I also was born in a town near Dresden. I have been living and working in Dresden for more than 10 years. Apart from the archives, I also know Saxony and people quite well.

During archive researches, both nationally and internationally, over the last years, I was able to expand my horizons. I learned how archives and their administrations work. Since 2015, I have focused my work on archives in Saxony and search in their “treasures” for you.

Let me help you find what you need!

Your personal researcher and advisor
Lars Thiele

Lars Thiele - Your personal researcher and advisor

My fees

Here you can find information on what I can do for you, how much it costs and what you can save.

Archives and specialty

Here you can find the most important archives in Saxony I work with.

Your contact

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You are still not sure, if you should hire me?

Here are some opinions from family researchers I worked for:

Experience – References – Testimonials

I can really recommend using the Research Service Thiele. Unfortunately, I could not go to the archive in Dresden in person. Mr. Thiele carried out the work clearly, without any problems and as quickly as possible. I appreciated the fact that I got to know the intermediate results, so that I always knew how much the invoice will be.

K. Frackman (Vancouver/Canada)

Mr. Thiele has helped me a lot in finding information about my family. While working on this project, he demonstrated an extremely high level of professionalism. Moreover, the support, provided by Mr. Thiele, was characterized by a high level of personnel engagement and human touch. He was not only trying to find information I needed-he was really walking me through the history of my family. I strongly recommend to approach Mr. Thiele for this kind of inquiries.

I. Vokatch (Geneva/Switzerland)

I value Mr. Thiele as a friendly and excellent researcher. He checks exactly which archive documents are important for my concerns and looks through them conscientiously. He also gives me valuable information on secondary sources and background information, but also tips for further research options. Thanks to his help, I was able to complete my ancestry research with some interesting information.

M. Riedel (Holzgerlingen/Germany)

You still don’t know, if I could help you to find traces of your ancestors?

Just contact me.

Together we will find out, how I can help you with your family research.

Lars Thiele - Your personal researcher and advisor

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